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Posted on: February 22, 2008 10:06 am

The Worst Outfield Money Can Buy

Interesting article in The Hardball Times today, www.hardballtimes.com/main/article/

The results were somewhat surprising to me. Here were their outfielders:

Scott Podsednik, White Sox
-3 WSAB, $ -5.9 million WS$

Ok, not a big surprise. Podsednik's always been overrated. And in left field, he's a complete and total waste.

Jim Edmonds, Cardinals
1 WSAB, -$4.4 WS$

Edmonds is a little more surprising. He was hurt last year though, and his production dropped. The only question remaining is whether he's done or if he has something left this year, if he's "healthy". I put healthy in quotes, because at his age, healthy doesn't mean the same thing it did five years earlier.

J.D. Drew, Red Sox
2 WSAB, -$5.3 WS$

Ok, now I was surprised. Drew's batting numbers aren't bad, per se. But like always, he never does the "little" things, like knock in runs. He's also not hitting doubles, not hitting homers... And he hits a ton of fly balls. That's a bad combination.

Jay Gibbons, Orioles
-3 WSAB, -$7.6 WS$

Gibbons was hurt, but he was also awful. Just awful.
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