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Posted on: April 24, 2008 11:40 pm

Charleston RiverDogs move to 18-3

Ok, so it's a minor league team, and well, you should never get too excited one way or another with the record of a minor league team.  However, this isn't a team made up of a bunch of overage players, this is a team that's loooooaaaaded with young prospects.  18-3?  Are you kidding me?

I'm going to do a report on how all the Yankees' prospects are doing shortly, but I'll start with the RiverDogs, as their performance has been phenominal.

Position players:

C2: Austin Romine: .351/.367/.439 (Currently on the DL), 19 years old

Can you believe this guy's the #2 catching prospect (although the more likely to stick behind the plate) on his own team?  And these stats were after a rough start.  Unfortunately, he got hurt recently, and no real word on the severity of the injury.  He and Jesus Montero (below) were alternating games behind the plate vs DH.  I originally questioned the idea, but in the end I kind of like it. 

C1: Jesus! Montero:  .374/.394/.560, 18 years old Top 10 prospect

If this guy can stick behind the plate, he's going to be amazing.  Even if he winds up at 1st like so many other catching prospects, he's still going to be very good.  The Yankees have said he'll spend the entire year in Charleston, supposedly to work on his defense at catcher.  He's got a strong arm, and seems to be doing fine at both calling games (the pitchers' era is absurdly low, but then again, there are a bunch of great prospects here) and throwing out runners (throwing out two yesterday, but making a throwing error today). 

1B: .Brandon Laird: .260/.322/.364, 21 years old

Laird's not anywhere near being a top prospect, but he put up a great line last year at Staten Island (.339/.367/.577) and has an outside shot to be a useful player.

2B: Justin Snyder: .341/.402/.500, 22 years old

Has 10 errors playing mostly at 2nd, but he's a natural 3rd baseman that they've moved around a bit.  Played some 2nd, short, and 3rd last year.  This stat line isn't out of character for him.  He hit .335/.459/.477 in the short season Staten Island league last season after being drafted in the 21st round.  He's a little old for the league at 22, but he won't be here long, so Charleston should enjoy him while he lasts.

3B: Brad Suttle: .390/.457/.610, 22 years old

Given a well above slot bonus last season by the Yankees in the 4th round (he got supplemental first money), he's considered a strong prospect by the Yankees.  They completely re-created his swing after drafting him, and his struggles in HWB showed it (he was something like 0-28 at one point), but it's obviously paid off.  He just came off the DL tonight, and showed no ill effects, going 2-3 w/ a triple and a walk.  He's going to get lots of nice fat pitches to hit too, batting ahead of Jesus Montero in the #3 spot.

SS: Carmen Angelini, .239/.307/.269, 19 years old

Angelini is the top shortstop prospect in the Yankees system (in my opinion, at least), but he's had a rough start to the season at the plate.   He has 7 steals though, which shows you his speed.

LF: Austin Krum, .262/.333/.377, 22 years old

Got arrested in the offseason for doing something stupid.  I personally don't see him amounting to much.

CF: Abe Almonte, .268/.330/.429, 3 hr, 7 sb, 18 years old

Almonte's a nice CF prospect, who may turn out to be special.  He's small (5-9) but shows good power for an 18 yo in A ball.  He struggled a bit at the plate to start the season, but has come on lately.

RF: David Williams, 24, not a prospect

Pitching Staff:

Dellin Betances: 3-0, 2.39, 35 Ks/18 BBs in 26 IP, 6'8" 20 year old top 10 prospect

Betances has been great this year, but the best thing thus far is that he's stayed healthy.  His control isn't where you'd want it yet, but that's why he's in A ball.  If he stays healthy and pitches through the year, it's a huge success for him.

Zachary McAllister, 2-1, 1.13, 19 Ks/4 BBS, .79 WHIP, 20 year old, 6'6"

McAllister outpitched Betances last year, and thus far he's doing it this year, too.  He'll probably be one of the yankees' top 10 prospects by season end.  He's showing excellent control.  No idea on his velocity right now.  Only next to Betances and Andrew Brackman (6'10 to 7' depending on the report) does this 6'6" righty not get considered tall.

Jairo Heredia, 2-0, 3.48,  22 Ks/7 BBs, 18 years old

I think he'd be on a lot of team's top 10 prospect lists, but he's the #3 prospect at the moment among pitchers on Charleston.  At 18, he has a lot going for him, hitting 93/94 on the radar gun, and he's projectable.  He was baseball america's #15 prospect in the Gulf Coast League last season.
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