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Posted on: February 11, 2008 3:03 pm

Josh Beckett vs Nick Johnson and D'Angelo Jimenez

Win Shares, a Bill James invention, is his own compilation of "net worth" of a player. So, why did I choose this title? Recently, John Sickels posted the win shares of all of the top prospects in 2000 and 2001. There were some surprising entries. In particular, I was surprised by the three guys in the title: Nick Johnson, Josh Beckett, and D'Angelo Jimenez. I figured Beckett would come out on top. He didn't.

Nick Johnson: 80 win shares
Josh Beckett: 73 win shares
D'Angelo Jimenez: 67 win shares

Jimenez is remarkably close to the other two. I really don't know why. He has a grand total of 36 steals and 36 home runs in his career.

Here's the list, sorted by win shares:
18 Albert Pujols, 1B 251 career win shares, Hall of Fame talent
30 Adam Dunn, OF 144 career win shares
9 Roy Oswalt, RHP 125 career win shares
19 Vernon Wells, OF 122 career win shares
17 Marcus Giles, 2B 112 career win shares
10 C.C. Sabathia, LHP 101 career win shares.
37 Aubrey Huff, 3B 98 career win shares
14 Austin Kearns, OF 84 career win shares
26 Nick Johnson, 1B 80 career win shares
47 Milton Bradley, OF 80 career win shares
49 Hank Blalock, 3B 78 career win shares.
5 Josh Beckett, RHP 73 career win shares
7 Carlos Pena, 1B 71 career win shares.
1 Corey Patterson, OF 69 career win shares.
4 Ben Sheets, RHP 69 career win shares.
25 D'Angelo Jimenez, INF 67 career win shares
43 Joe Crede, 3B 65 career win shares
15 Kevin Mench, OF 58 career win shares
38 Ben Broussard, 1B 52 career win shares
11 Sean Burroughs, 3B 38 career win shares. Another Failed Prospect Profile guy.
48 Luis Rivas, 2B 33 career win shares. Disappointing.
3 Hee Seop Choi, 1B 26 career win shares before heading back to Asia. Worthy of a Failed Prospect Profile, a new feature upcoming
41 Keith Ginter, 2B 24 career win shares, had moments of success
31 Juan Cruz, RHP 24 career win shares
8 Jon Rauch, RHP 23 career win shares, was slowed by injuries
50 Jack Cust, OF 23 career win shares, finally got a chance
22 Wilson Betemit, INF 22 career win shares, still young at 26
42 Jesus Colome, RHP 20 career win shares
6 Josh Hamilton OF 13 career win shares, career still developing
44 Antonio Perez, SS 13 career win shares
36 Tim Redding, RHP 12 career win shares, control problems
40 Pablo Ozuna, 2B 11 career win shares, hit .328 for the White Sox in `06
27 Matt Belisle, RHP 11 career win shares
33 Matt Kinney, RHP 9 career win shares, control problems
24 Adam Johnson, RHP Topped out in Triple-A, huge disappointment
45 Bud Smith, LHP Threw a no-hitter, injuries
12 Jose Ortiz, 2B Never got untracked in Oakland or Colorado, went to Japan and had strong '03 and '04 seasons. Another guy for a Failed Prospect Profile. Overrated on this list.
39 Dee Brown, OF Never adjusted to majors
35 Chris George, LHP Lost velocity and command
16 Chin-Hui Tsao, RHP Injuries, could still do something
34 J.R. House, C Injuries, but hits great in Triple-A and could still have a career
20 Ben Christensen, RHP Injuries and bad karma
21 Jovanny Cedeno, RHP Injuries
32 Nick Neugebauer, RHP Injuries
46 Alex Escobar, OF Injuries
28 Joe Borchard, OF Football Player Tools Bust
29 Drew Henson, 3B Football Player Tools Bust
2 Ryan Anderson, LHP Career ruined by injuries
13 Bobby Bradley, RHP Career ruined by injuries
23 Abraham Nunez, OF Age-Gate, was never as good as he looked due to wrong birthday
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